The Norwegian version of the Onnikka service is now available

Onnikka, developed by Oulu-based Onnikka Health, is a smartphone-optimized program to support behavioral and lifestyle change management. The program has been proven to help overweight and obese people change their attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors in a healthier direction. Extensive clinical studies have shown that it results in sustained weight loss. The Onnikka solution includes the Onnikka application for end-users, customer training, support, and monthly statistics and usage reports.

The company’s first customer in Norway is ViGØR Rehabilitering Sykehus.

‘We are continuously developing our rehabilitation services. As part of our innovation program, we were looking for an evidence-based lifestyle intervention application that could support our patient’s rehabilitation processes. We found Onnikka and were impressed with the scientific approach to their method. We were also happy to provide our expertise in localizing the application to Norway. We believe that now we have an excellent service portfolio for our customers, Onnikka being one of the services’, commented Synnøve Fønnebø Knutsen, MD and Chairwoman of ViGØR.

Source: Onnikka Health