Oulu-based health tech company, Medanets, focuses on making nurses’ work easier

The nursing app developed by Medanets, a health tech company based in Oulu, Finland, will add an important, complementing piece to EHRs and other digital tools in healthcare.

In Finland, several tenders for electronic health records (EHRs) are expected in the coming years as wellbeing services counties harmonise their systems. The Pirkanmaa and North Savo wellbeing services counties have recently put a joint EHR out to tender. An app is often part of the EHR companies’ offering, and it is often this complementary piece that can make or break the purchasing decision. For taxpayers, the use of solutions such as the one developed by Medanets will translate into smoother and better-quality health services.

The Medanets app has been developed together with healthcare professionals. It enables safe and efficient nursing workflows, supports decision-making and leaves time for the most important thing – caring for the patients. The app is used in many hospitals and primary healthcare units in the Nordics and the UK.

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Source: Medanets