Northern Freeze: A Resounding Success for OuluHealth Ecosystem’s Polar Bear Pitching Side Event!

The OuluHealth ecosystem’s Polar Bear Pitching Side Event – Northern Freeze was a resounding success, drawing over 118 enthusiastic guests to Oulu, Finland. This dynamic event brought together prominent investors, innovative healthcare companies, and passionate health enthusiasts for a day of inspiration, connection, and collaboration.

The atmosphere crackled with electrifying energy as attendees engaged with:

  • Visionary investors with a keen eye for the next game-changing healthcare technologies.
  • Pioneering companies eager to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and spark collaborative partnerships.
  • Forward-thinking individuals overflowing with ideas and a shared passion for shaping the future of healthcare

Northern Freeze served as a powerful catalyst for:

  • Bridging the gap between healthcare stakeholders: The event facilitated valuable connections between investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and other key players in the healthcare industry, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and innovation.
  • Spotlighting groundbreaking ideas: Companies showcased their innovative solutions, sparking discussions and potential partnerships that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare.
  • Exploring the horizon of healthcare: Leading minds in the health tech space shared their insights on the future of healthcare, igniting conversations and inspiring future developments.

OuluHealth acts as a hub, connecting various stakeholders in the healthcare and technology industries. This includes public entities like hospitals and universities, private companies developing health technologies, and research institutions. By facilitating collaboration, they aim to accelerate innovation and ensure all parties contribute their unique expertise.

Source: OuluHealth