Mesalvo and Medanets advance digitalisation in hospitals

Oulu-based Medanets and Mesalvo have established a partnership to optimise processes in day-to-day care and sustainably increase patient safety. The companies aim to introduce advancements with Mesalvo’s intelligent solution for clinical documentation and patient management and Medanets’ app for healthcare professionals. 

Modern medication management: digital, process-optimised & avoiding loss of information

Healthcare professionals use Mesalvo’s medication and digital curve solution for prescriptions, administrative tasks, and orders. Thanks to the Medanets app, the patient and their medication are now identified by scanning barcodes on their wristband and medication sachet at the bedside. Medication information is fetched immediately from Mesalvo’s solution. Similarly, the medication administration documented with the app is automatically transferred to Mesalvo’s digital curve. In addition, healthcare professionals can enter measurement data, such as blood pressure readings, directly into the app. These flow into Mesalvo’s digital curve without any loss of information. This eliminates error-prone intermediate steps, such as paper documentation, which frequently characterises everyday care in many hospitals.

Fast decision support in emergencies – the interaction of the digital curve and the app in everyday care

Thanks to barcode scanning with a tablet or smartphone, healthcare professionals can check a patient’s up-to-date medication directly at the patient’s bedside before administering the medicine – quickly, easily, and safely. Electronic patient and medication identification ensures the right medication given to the right person at the right time, minimizing confusion and errors.

Mesalvo’s digital chart gives professionals a comprehensive patient data overview, including vital signs, medication, and pain history. In combination with assessments, e.g., the Early Warning Score available within the Medanets app, staff can evaluate the patient’s condition. Depending on the EWS result, the app displays clinical guidelines, such as “The patient’s condition appears to be deteriorating. Please inform the doctor immediately.” Based on the score, a “sepsis bundle” (a series of immediate measures to improve the treatment and management of patients with sepsis) can also be initiated; for example, the patient can be treated quickly and appropriately to prevent life-threatening complications. This way, the digital and mobile solutions trigger workflows and support documentation and decision-making processes.

Safe pharmacotherapy: closed-loop medication management process with Mesalvo

The interaction of unit dose with AMTS functionalities and the Meona curve medication, in combination with the Medanets app, revolutionizes the medication process in hospitals and ensures an even safer medication supply for patients. The prescription in the digital curve solution enables connected unit or multi-dose dispensers to package standard medications individually for each patient and deliver them to the ward. This automated medication management replaces the manual, error-prone process on the ward, increases patient safety by reducing errors through the software’s validation mechanisms, and saves the valuable time of healthcare professionals. The closed-loop medication management process ends with the step at the patient’s bedside – the barcode on the medication sachet is scanned, compared with the patient data directly at the bedside, and entered into the patient’s chart so that disruptions are ruled out.

The partnership between Mesalvo and Medanets promotes effective collaboration and holistic patient care, increases efficiency in day-to-day care, and improves working conditions.

Contact persons
Linda Weyrauther
Marketing Managerin, Mesalvo Mannheim GmbH

Juha-Matti Ranta
CEO, Medanets

About Mesalvo GmbH
Mesalvo employs around 450 people who support healthcare providers to meet the challenges of the digital future. Mesalvo develops IT solutions and digitalises and networks all administrative and medical processes along the patient journey. This makes the work of medical and administrative staff easier and more effective, thereby increasing patient safety and quality of care. Mesalvo significantly contributes to improving quality and patient safety in the healthcare sector.

About Medanets
Medanets revolutionises healthcare with superior mobile solutions. Developed with healthcare professionals, the app enables safe and efficient nursing workflows, supports decision-making, and leaves more time for care. The Medanets app integrates with EHR systems and complements their features. The app is used in more than 80 hospitals and primary healthcare units in Europe.

Source: Medanets