Uniting Finnish & Estonian stakeholders for healthcare breakthroughs, Tallinn

Welcome to the event fostering innovation and cross-border partnerships in the healthtech sector organised by the Tehnopol HealthTech Community, in partnership with the Finnish Embassy in Estonia, Business Helsinki, Helsinki Health Incubator, Tehnopol Startup Incubator, and the Estonian Investment Agency.

The event seeks to inspire new collaborations, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and expand the scope for testing and piloting initiatives between Finland and Estonia. The aim is to bolster healthcare system development in both nations and pave the way for innovative cross-border partnerships.

Time: 23 January 2024, 13:00 – 16:30
Place: Finnish Embassy of Estonia,  Kohtu 4, Tallinn, Estonia
Registration: https://fienta.com/cross-border-horizons-uniting-finnish-estonian-stakeholders-for-healthcare-breakthroughs

The event will host a diverse array of attendees, including representatives from government bodies, startups, SMEs, corporations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and investors. It serves as the inaugural step towards a sustained collaboration between both countries within the health innovation sector.

Event topics and focus areas:

  • Telemedicine and Remote Patient monitoring platforms for different health issues
  • AI driven technology (to support work efficiency, data management, decision making, treatment plan and communication etc)
  • Digital Health Platforms and Apps, inc. wearables (disease prevention, patient engagement, real time health monitoring, etc)
  • Personalized Medicine and genome data (genomic sequence technologies; personalized medicine based on individuaal genetic profiles)
  • Precision Medicine, redesigning the approach to diagnosis and treatment
  • Use of Blockchain in Healthcare (health data and interoperability)
  • Technology focused on mental health
  • Assistive Technologies (for surgery, different procedures etc)

Visit the event website to see the programme and more information.