Dine & Disrupt – Startup Stories, Oulu

The “Dine and Disrupt” event is an initiative designed to bring together individuals from the startup community to share stories, experiences, and insights. The event is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the bright stars of Oulu’s startup scene, get inspired by their journeys, and learn valuable lessons from the world of entrepreneurship. This event also offers a fantastic chance to network with other professionals and entrepreneurial minds.

Time: 18 April 2024, from 17:00 to 19:00
Place: Business Corner Co-work (7a153), Linnanmaa campus, Yliopistokatu 9, 90570 Oulu


Mikko Savola, CEO, Monidor Oy and one of the founders.

Tejesvi Mysore, Associate Professor at the University of Oulu and a serial entrepreneur who founded three companies: Chainantimicrobials, Genobiomics and ChainPeptides Oy.

Jenni Konttila, Development Manager, OuluHealth ecosystem


Networking: It offers a fantastic opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurial minds to network.

Inspiration: Attendees can get inspired by the journeys of successful startup founders.

Learning: The event provides valuable lessons from the world of entrepreneurship through talks from top-tier speakers.

Collaboration: It’s a chance to find potential mentors or collaborators.

What to expect

Inspirational Talks: From successful entrepreneurs like Tuomas Jomppanen, who has experience in building digital products, and Katariina Penttilä, CEO and Co-founder at Glowdia1.

Food and Refreshments: The event includes delicious pizza and refreshments.

Exploration: An opportunity to explore the Oulu Startup Station.

This event is part of a larger trend of “Dine and Disrupt” style events where dining and discussion combine to foster innovation and collaboration within the tech and startup communities. It’s a unique blend of casual networking and serious business talks, aimed at disrupting the traditional way of connecting and learning in the business world.

Contact person

Hanna Spets
Project Designer at Oulu University of Applied Sciences