Health Valley Event 2023, Nijmegen

The Health Valley Event (HVE) is the leading healthcare innovation event in the Netherlands and also the meeting place for everyone involved in innovations, business, and science in the Life Sciences & Health sector. In recent years, the event has attracted around a thousand visitors each year.

Time:  30 March 2023
Place: Pathé Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Registration: The Health Valley Event

The healthcare sector is in motion – something we all experience every day. There are opportunities that we must seize today in order to improve tomorrow’s care. Health Valley Event 2023 zooms in on the affordable and accessible healthcare of today and tomorrow, supported by technological innovations. The participants will look into the need for prevention, opportunities for the right care at the right place, and the options for value-driven care. They will get to work on the challenges of the employment market and the affordability of healthcare. 

The event will give you insights into the latest trends and developments, unique networking opportunities, and new inspiration. 

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Source: Health Valley