9Solutions expands its partnership with Fujitsu and Cisco

9Solutions is investing in internationalization by expanding their partnership with Fujitsu to provide a comprehensive healthcare ICT platform that utilizes Cisco WLAN infrastructure. This collaboration is a significant step towards the extensive international distribution of 9Solutions products.

The goal is to utilize new solutions piloted in Finland to further strengthen the hospital business of all parties internationally. By combining the company’s expertise and resources, 9Solutions is committed to offering more comprehensive and innovative solutions to meet the constantly evolving demands of healthcare.

“Fujitsu, as well as Cisco, are highly valuable and preferred partners for us,” said Jukka Kettunen, CEO of 9Solutions Oy. “The cornerstone of the collaboration is enabling the international distribution of a unique solution by combining the strengths of the companies. Both Fujitsu and Cisco are global players with whom we can offer our company’s innovative technology solutions to support safe and high-quality care worldwide”, he added.

The comprehensive healthcare ICT platform provided by 9Solutions Oy and Fujitsu aims to create environments for safe and high-quality care by enabling efficient communication and making essential information easily accessible, freeing up time for care work. By utilizing Cisco WLAN infrastructure, the company can offer their products and services to the existing and new customers, maximizing the benefit customers receive from their Cisco investment.

Source: 9Solutions