WellO2 and Innokas Medical develop a breathing exercise device

WellO2 has chosen Innokas Medical as their partner for the product development project launched last spring.

WellO2 is a breathing exercise device that strengthens and cleanses the lungs. The mission of the company is to promote the respiratory health of, for example, elderly, athletes, singers and people with different kinds of respiratory problems.

The internationally patented technology of WellO2 breathing exercise device combines counter pressure exhaling and inhaling and steam breathing. The adjustable steam temperature and breathing resistance provide optimal conditions for respiratory training with the device, regardless of the user’s condition. The device helps to open airways, cleanses lungs effectively by removing mucus and air particles and improves performance by strengthening respiratory muscle power and endurance. A double body structure and protection valves in breathing regulator protect the user from exposure to hot water.

WellO2 is currently co-creating their product with Innokas Medical.

‘In this project, together with Innokas Medical’s Design Studio team, we’re developing a breathing measuring device that will be connected to our WellO2 device,’ said Tuomas Mattelmäki, CEO at WellO2.

‘This new measuring device will be connected with mobile application that will be developed during this project as well. It will provide, for example, real-time information on the condition of the respiratory health of patients,’ he continued.

Mikko Kangas, working as Business Development Director at Innokas Medical, is very happy that Innokas’ wide range competence pool perfectly matches WellO2’s needs to co-create this innovation to the market.

‘There is a wide range of specialists in the project from Innokas’ Design Studio team; industrial designer, mechanical and electrical engineers, embedded and mobile software designers, project manager and user interface as well as usability engineers. We’re also utilizing our quality and regulatory specialists in the project always when needed,’ said Kangas.

Mattelmäki says that the cooperation between WellO2 and Innokas Medical has started well. He sees that Innokas will be able to create significant added value for WellO2 through the company’s long-term design and development experience.

‘Especially Innokas Medical’s agile development process, wide-ranging competence pool and references in implementing a similar type of design projects were key factors when choosing a partner,’ Mattelmäki continued.

Contact persons

Tuomas Mattelmäki
CEO, WellO2 Oy

Mikko Kangas
Business Development Director, Innokas Medical Ltd.

Source: Innokas Medical

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