Spread the word about your trial or smart solution with health data and analytics

Are you involved in a health or wellbeing related project that utilizes data and/or AI analytics? Do you want to share some information about your top solution with other health and wellbeing developers?

The analytics network – coordinated by the University of Oulu’s DigiHealth Hub and Hyteairo (the Well-being and Health Sector AI and Robotics Programme) gathers and shares information about health data and analytics related projects, trials, market-ready solutions, and other initiatives.

The tasks of the analytics network include developing and distributing knowledge, organizing events related to the themes, generating insights about the possibilities and development areas related to AI and analytics in healthcare processes and delivering information on how these could be implemented in different national development programs.

Whether you are a public or private operator, healthcare provider, developer, or enthusiastic newcomer to the field, complete the questionnaire and let us know about your innovations. Your answers will be used to compile information about interesting solutions and useful learnings. The questionnaire can be completed in either Finnish or English.

What is it in it for you

  • We will help you reach the right audience and spread the word about your solution
  • Your case will have a chance to be presented during the Analytics network webinars on 31 August and 28 (first selections will be made before 14 August)

Complete the questionnaire.

Analytics network webinars

The webinars will display data and analytics projects that the analytics network members are working on. They will also highlight the answers from the questionnaire we set up. The first webinar will take time on Monday 31 August at 14:00. More details about registration, agenda, and platform coming soon.

Read more information about the Well-being and Health Sector Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Programme.

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