Testing user-friendliness of a product under real-life conditions

Near Real offers a secure and low-cost approach to produce high-quality services remotely via the Internet. With Near Real, solution services can be offered by using high-quality audio, video, screen sharing and chat functions.


Jarkko Pyykkönen talks about the test case in the OuluHealth Labs:

What did you want to test?

We wanted to test the user-friendliness of our product under real-life conditions. The solution was tested in cooperation with the City of Oulu’s social and health care services, housing assistance and mental health services by customers, as well as professional users.

Why test in real environment?

We saw the opportunity to try out our solutions in new operating environments. Considering the needs of service users, we wanted to get feedback that can be used for further Near Real development.

Why did you make use of OuluHealth’s test environment?

When professionals and customers get to use Near Real solutions in real-life situations, we receive useful feedback about product user-friendliness.

In addition, new user cases and feedback help us further develop our services and create new solutions. With these solutions, service providers can digitise their services in an easier and safer way.

What about the future?

Global digitalization and transformation in Finland’s social and health care system offer Near Real excellent prospects for the future. Near Real’s open API- application program interface offers a particularly promising opportunity. In this way, for example, integration with hospital appointment booking and the patient-data system is easy.

Cooperation with organizations such as Oulu Health Labs helps us reach established goals and further develop services.


Oulu CityLab:
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