Testing the usefulness of a pilot application.

RALLA Ltd. is a Finnish start-up company that provides evidence based digital tools and education facilities supporting children’s daily learning and preventing school problems, e.g. mobbing. Ralla offers valid tools and solutions for early childhood educators and rehabilitation professionals to support community-based goal-directed pedagogical and rehabilitation work. RALLA’s Peer skill and Play skill assessment tools™ offer methods to assess, analyze, interpret, and set goals for individual and group learning.

Target markets: Finland, Sweden, English-speaking countries.
Employees and R&D: Tiina Lautamo, Ph.D. and Vilja Laaksonen, Ph.D.

Tiina Lautamo talks about testing in the OuluHealth Labs in co-operation with Pirjo Lappalainen and Aira Vähärautio:

What did you want to test?

We tested the usefulness of a pilot version of the Ralla application. We also developed user-based modelling of RALLA reports.

Why OuluHealth Labs?

Oulu offered readily prepared educational and testing facilities, including easy access to the daycare environment and feedback from end users.

Why did you make use of the OuluHealth Lab?

We needed feedback on the user-friendliness of the RALLA application.? Occupational therapy and social pedagogy students tested the tools in real-life situations. After that, they gave us feedback and more ideas for product development.

What about the future?

RALLA’s application was launched in September 2016 in Finnish. Our goal is to add Swedish and English language versions in spring 2017. RALLA aims for digitalization of early education and child rehabilitation services with well-researched products. New products are developed in collaboration with end users and Finnish universities. We also offer educational facilities for better implementation of new tools in practice.

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