Testing product usability in a hospital environment

CompactaSteril is a Swedish company that provides a unique micro-operating environment that greatly reduces the risk of surgical site infections. With an ultra-clean air zone over the patient, operating light, and the company’s customized equipment, CompactaSteril is able to keep a surgical site sterile, thus allowing for safe surgical procedures, irrespective of location. It is also a solution to issues of inadequate ventilation.

Target markets: Europe

Lars Wesén talks about product usability testing in the OuluHealth Labs:

What did you want to test?

The objective was to allow healthcare personnel to test the usability of CompactaSteril in a hospital environment.

Why OuluHealth Labs?

OuluHealth Labs provided access to exactly what we needed –a genuine hospital environment where competent and committed doctors, nurses, and other personnel could perform usability testing. As the test lab facility is well designed, it allowed for the fast and convenient setup of an authentic test milieu.

 What are the test results?

Overall, the feedback we received was positive, and the intended usage of the product was supported. The hospital personnel provided us with useful suggestions for the further customization and improvements to CompactaSteril.

 What does the future hold?

We will finalize the development of this prototype and then perform the studies needed to obtain regulatory approval. The results of the usability testing and the feedback we obtained will contribute to the development of the final CompactaSteril’s solution.


Contact person

Lars Wesén
+46 708 197900

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