Testing a practicality of a patient informing system

Buddy Healthcare is a Finnish start-up company with a vision to transform pre and post surgery care. It is a care coordination and patient engagement platform which automates and monitors patients’ preparation for a surgery as well as recovery procedures. BuddyCare mobile app provides patients with all the information they need to know in order to navigate throughout a surgery process. It also includes appointment and medication reminders, pain diary and feedback loop. For hospitals, it significantly reduces administrative work enabling nurses and doctors to give even more attention to their patients.

Target markets: Europe, USA
Employees: 7

Jussi Määttä and Peter Hänninen about usability testing in the OuluHealth labs:

What did you want to test?

We wanted to test how our BuddyCare solution supports families preparing for surgeries and streamlines their entire surgery experience. Furthermore, we tested how the information provided by patients through BuddyCare supports healthcare professionals in their daily activities.

Why OuluHealth Labs?

OuluHealth labs provide excellent premises and environment for testing new ideas and turning them into successful innovations. Furthermore, OuluHealth labs made it possible for us to develop the solution in close cooperation with healthcare professionals.

Why did you make use of the OuluHealth test Lab?

OuluHealth labs provided a modern and unique environment for us to test and validate the feasibility of our solution. The nurses and doctors were really interested in helping us to continuously develop our product.

What about the future?

We hope to continue the product development together with OYS and OYS Testlabs as well as conduct an official clinical study next year.


OYS TestLab: Timo Alalääkkölä, Project Manager, Oulu University Hospital Tel. +358 40 561 4390?E-mail: timo.alalaakkola@ppshp.fi

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