Oulu-based entrepreneurs among the most promising growth companies in Kasvu Open

Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track has chosen 15 companies with the biggest growth potential. The selected participants include four Oulu-based innovative health companies; Finnadvance, Nukute, NE Device SW and Inspector Sec.

The track is arranged as a part of Kasvu Open, Finland’s biggest sparring program. Its main goal is to connect companies with experts in Finland, who offer own knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis. This year, special focus is on consumer health and wellbeing, health tech fields, and solutions for different therapy fields.

The program participants will join two days full of sparring and networking on 19 May and 25 August 2020. It is also possible to hold the sparring days as a remote event. The companies will be guided by growth experts chosen based on the needs they specified in their applications.

The chosen companies represent different kinds of innovations in the health and wellbeing sectors.  All of them have provided a growth plan in order to enlarge their network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country. However, the main aim of the program and its participants is to improve human health, increase well-being, and provide solutions that can change the world.


Contact person

Inka-Sofia Hokkanen


Source: Kasvu Open

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