New technologies enhance Biocenter Oulu’s research and infrastructure services

Biocenter Oulu has acquired technologies that enable an analysis of both smaller sample volumes and larger sample sets. The main idea is to strengthen the regional research and development environment through the advancement of services of structural biology, protein biophysical analysis and biocomputing.

Biophysical analysis of biomolecules is improved by a biosensor platform for parallel analysis of biomolecular interactions directly on a microwell plate and parallelisation of protein stability measurements. Structural biology method development benefits from advanced liquid handling by acoustic dispenser which allows the transfer of nanolitre scale drops onto various surfaces. Local computing environment enables testing and development of GPU accelerated computational models for biomolecular systems.

During the project “New technological solutions to enhance Biocenter Oulu services” scientists responsible for infrastructure services have gathered know-how on the new technologies, which supports research on the international level.

“The project and acquired new infra have already changed the work of the users of our facility, allowed significant time savings and increased overall throughput in the experiments. The regional development fund project allowed us to invest in new technologies like contactless acoustic dispensing that will have an impact on the biomedical field. There are, however, potential uses for such technologies for R&D also in other fields and the core facility staff is there to help new users to develop and test new applications,” says professor Lari Lehtiö who is responsible for structural biology core facility.

These activities are a  continuation of a series of Biocenter Oulu’s service development projects that have addressed service needs and accessibility of services, excellence on enzyme catalysis and development of tissue imaging centre. The current project strengthens regional diagnostics and drug development research and method development environment. The project granted by the Council of Oulu region has been funded from European regional development fund (ERDF), the University of Oulu and companies that operate in the field of diagnostics and health technology.

Biocenter Oulu research infrastructure services function at open access principle and support the early research and development phase by removing the need to invest into expensive instrumentation at the “proof of concept” state.

Source: Biocenter Oulu

Contact persons

Outi Lampela, Project manager

Pirkko Huhtala, Administrative and Scientific Coordinator

Lari Lehtiö
Coordinator in Structural Biology, Professor at the University of Oulu



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