International trainees available for your company through the EU4EU programme

The European Universities for the EU (EU4EU) programme facilitates the transition between university education and access to employment, through professional Erasmus and internships. The focus is on EU-funded projects and aimed at companies based in the EU.

Within this framework, each EU4EU National Consortia organizes highly qualified internship experiences from 2 to 6 months, fostering trainees’ professional skills, strengthening their linguistic and computer abilities and refining the communication talents of participants in international environments.

The EU4EU program also generated an international Community that connects Universities, companies, students and young professionals all over Europe. This community encourages the creation of partnerships, the development of European projects and transnational initiatives, boosting the growth of its members on the international scene.

Read more information about the EU4EU programme and find out who its partners are.

Companies can apply to participate for free as Host Organizations on the EU4EU Portal.

Source: EuGen (European Generation)

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