Future Hospital OYS 2030

The smartest hospital in the world.

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) is an innovative, research and development-oriented provider of high quality health care. The special responsibility area of Oulu University Hospital cover the whole of Northern Finland – accounting for more than half of Finland’s geographical are and home to 741,000 people. Patient care is based on the latest research, best practises in treatment, and the state-of-the-art technology. The hospital employs 6,800 professionals.

OYS has a significant role in the development of OuluHealth. In the next two decades, the hospital will invest EUR 500 million in the modernisation of its functions and premises. The Future Hospital OYS 2030 programme related to this project has already been launched. Local businesses and other campus area experts participate in the development and renewal of processes.

Future Hospital is an extensive operational renewal programme, which will secure the position of OYS as a national and international top provider of specialised health care. The programme’s objectives are to improve the quality, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of treatment. The utilisation and development of advanced technology – creating a smart hospital – is an integral part of the Future Hospital programme.


The better hospital works, the more successfully, quickly and cost-effectively patients can be treated there. A clear goal in the renewal of hospitals is the flexible use of resources, renewal of professional division of labour, standardisation of facilities and operations, utilisation of information systems and technology, efficient logistic solutions, comfortable facilities, multi-functionality and versatility, as well as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. The smartest hospital is all this, but first and foremost comes the patient and their needs and the securing of the expertise of the staff.

By utilising the newest technology and information systems, it is possible to enhance the operations and let healthcare experts focus on their core expertise. All this will improve the quality of healthcare.

Schedules and targets

The renewal programme is divided into partial projects which are intended to be realised consecutively in order to disrupt the operations of the hospital as little as possible. The schedule of the realisation is determined by each partial project’s potential of enhancing the operations; improve productivity, treatment quality and patient safety; and the technical condition of the building to be renewed.

The objective is to realise the renewal of the entire hospital within about 15 years. The first stage of the Future Hospital 2030 programme is the launch of the children’s and women’s hospital’s renewal.