Hannover Deep Dive – kick off webinar

Are you a Nordic healthcare company? Do you want to enter the German market?

Welcome to join the Hannover Deep Dive Webinar series, which will help you to establish your business successfully in Germany. Hannover Deep Dive Webinars are digital, personal and interactive. Each webinar has a moderated Q&A session and the possibility to connect with other participants via a matchmaking tool. We will take your suggested topics for further workshops.

The webinars will be followed by expert workshops every 2nd Thursday 15:00 – 15:45.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • What is the current status of the German digital health law?
  • How do the German reimbursement models work?
  • What are the market entry strategies for outpatients and inpatient healthcare solutions?
  • What are the financing and funding possibilities in Germany?

Who are we?

Hannoverimpuls is the economic development agency of the City of Hannover and the Hannover region. Their unique portfolio of services and incentives is tailor-made for start-ups and regional companies to help them grow their business. We also facilitate full service and incentive programs to support companies pursuing their expansion into Germany.

Hannover Deep Dive will bring the Nordic Health Scene and Hannover closer than ever.

Visit the event website to read more information and to register for the first of Hannover Deep Dive webinars.

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