GenZ Talks seminar: Creative Resilience – Way Forward!

The University of Oulu’s multidisciplinary GenZ profiling project organizes the 2nd GenZ Talks online seminar. The topic, Resilience, is very timely, not least because of the global COVID-19 epidemic.

Time: 3rd September 2020, 13:00 – 16:00
Place: online
Registration by 26 August: 

The seminar asks the following questions: What does ‘resilience’ really mean? What is it as a human capability? How is it realized at regional, organizational and individual levels? Leading experts in their own fields will discuss the following questions related to ‘resilience’:

  • How do resilient regions bounce back to their development paths after shocks?
  • What constitutes a resilient organisation? How do resilient organisations survive and adapt?
  • What is characteristic to resilient individuals? How do they cope with dramatic turning points in their lives?

Speakers and discussants:

Resilience and Regions
Professor Philip McCann, University of Sheffield Management School

Resilience in the Oulu region
Assoc. professor Jaakko Simonen, GenZ project, Oulu Business School

Resilience and organizations
Senior specialist Miira Heiniö, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL)

Resilience and Individuals
Professor Mika Pantzar, University of Helsinki

Keynote talks will be commented by professor emeritus Rauli Svento, professor Vesa Puhakka and professor Satu Nätti from Oulu Business School.

A participation link will be sent to registered participants by email before the event.


Contact person

Lotta Haukipuro



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