Detection Technology announces production launch in the Greater Shanghai area

Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray detector solutions, has started the official production launch at its new production and service site in Wuxi.

The company successfully completed the first customer shipments of X-Card detector boards for security line scanners in March, and shipments of the X-Scan portfolio solutions for industrial applications will commence from the Wuxi site next. The product transfers and start of production will be carried out in stages. The plant is now operational, and production capacity will be expanded according the company’s strategy and market needs.

“The start of production during these exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates our execution capability and our important role in the market. As we are a CT (computed tomography) detector manufacturer and CT equipment plays an important role in diagnosing and the treatment of COVID-19 globally, we were permitted to keep our Beijing site operational and start manufacturing in Wuxi despite restrictions set by the local and national authorities. We are proud to be contributing to beating the pandemic and are well prepared to increase capacity even further if needed. The new facility allows for easy expansion for future production and customer service needs,” says Kai Utela, Vice President of Operations at Detection Technology.

The new site enhances the customer experience globally, acts as a local service center for Central and South China customers, increases the manufacturing capacity of end products, improves productivity, and reduces the risks associated with having one single factory. The company is transferring some of its labor-intensive production from Beijing to Wuxi and is developing the Beijing factory as a center for demanding manufacturing processes.

“We will also create services related to technology simulations, testing, training, and product demonstrations, for example. Our service concept will elevate face-to-face customer encounters to a new level and will support virtual customer experience as well, which is just as important nowadays,” adds Utela.

The construction work and the first recruitments were completed at the site by end of 2019, and the site received ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is located in the Huishan industrial cluster in the city of Wuxi, which is known for its high-tech companies and expertise. The cluster is tailored to the needs of the electronics and pharmaceutical industries and provides an excellent ecosystem for the company’s business objectives.

Source: Detection Technology


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Kai Utela
VP, Operations

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