Covid-19: 9Solutions introduces Plug & Play Nurse Call System

With Covid-19 (coronavirus) continuing its spread across the globe, medical centers are being overwhelmed. Additionally, temporary field hospitals are being set up in, for example, sports arenas and conference venues. These short-term/temporary solutions are necessary to flatten the curve of Covid-19 spread, but they lack basic infrastructure, such as facilitating communication between nurses and patients – which is also a problem when it comes to treating the overflow of patients, some of whom are now in beds lining the corridors of hospitals. Finland’s 9Solutions immediately saw that safe, secure communication between patients and caregivers is going to be vital as we battle the virus, so quickly adapted its existing nurse call system to a plug-and-play model that can be up and running in less than a day.

“When the virus took hold and it became apparent we were facing a serious crisis, my team looked to what we already have and how we could adapt it,” said Sami Herrala, CEO 9Solutions.

Nurse Call Lite is 9Solutions’ simple and quickly installed solution that caters to the basic communication needs between patients and nurses. The solution has three components: a nurse call handset, which the patient uses for either urgent or non-urgent calls, a room terminal, which enables voice connection between nursing staff and patient, and a mobile app, which also enables nurses to manage alarms and communicate with the patients remotely.

Nurse Call Lite can be deployed in less than a day. As soon as the order is made, the 9Solutions teams takes customer usage requirements and configures the system. The system is shipped directly to the customer, with easy-to-follow installation and user manuals. There is no need for a technician to come onsite – the customer deploys the system themselves following the instruction manual and/or watching e-learning/videos available for free online. There is also an online Q&A and FAQ page, along with 24/7 technical system supervision and support.

“Not needing a technician is a great benefit. Outside visitors are largely banned from facilities treating Covid-19, both to prevent the spread of the virus but also because PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) supplies are quickly running out in many regions. Being able to set this up themselves quickly and easily really helps with slowing the spread while also giving medical staff the tools they need quickly,” explained Herrala.

In addition, the company’s Annual General Meeting has elected three new members to the Board. As of 17, April 2020, Satu Ahlman, President and CEO of Ahlman & CO Development Oy, Isabelle Cehlin (Sweden), COO of Bonnier Healthcare and Riina-Riitta Helminen, Chief Administrative Physician of Suomen Terveystalo Oy, will start as new board members. The new members all have strong industry experience in the healthcare and care technology sector.

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Source: 9Solutions


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