YSI Innovation Contest 2017 winners announced

The winners of the YSI Innovation Contest 2017 have been announced. Launched earlier this year, the competition was organized as a part of 6Aika University Hospitals as Innovation Platforms project.

The main goal was to find the best solutions which will improve services delivered in future hospitals. The parties realising the project included: the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, the University of Oulu, the University of Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

From a large number of applications, the jury selected the most innovative and convenient solutions which will be further developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders involved in the project.

The winners of the YSI Innovation Contest 2017 are:

  • Diske, Kuopio
  • Coach4Pro, Espoo
  • Lääketietokeskus, Helsinki
  • Exiops, Oulu
  • Tarja Kela, PPSHP
  • Deltabit, Tampere
  • VMP-interior, Rauma

These new solutions will help to improve health services delivered especially in children and women’s hospitals as well as to facilitate interactions between pharmacies and hospitals.


Contact person:

Pauliina Hyrkäs
Project Manager at the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (PPSHP)



Joanna Seppänen

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