The OuluHealth Ecosystem Day unveils the future of smart social and health care

New ways of supporting care services and independent living at home of elderly patients was one of the most important issues to discuss during the OuluHealth Ecosystem Day held in Oulu on 31 October, 2018. The event gathered about 130 participants in the Lasaretti hotel to listen to the key-note speakers, network and learn more about the smart technology as well as the solutions provided by local health companies.

Today’s technology shaping future social and health care services

 ‘Not only does modern technology help us prevent and cure illnesses, but also secures a better quality of life for the elderly patients that live independently at home.’

                                                                                                Cristina Andersson

Technology has played an important role in many aspects of the social and healthcare systems as it offers new ways to answer the challenges that they face.  The world’s population is getting older so the need for new health solutions is very clear. The OuluHealth Ecosystem Day provided a perspective on how the state-of-the-art technology helps to deliver more efficient care services for patients and, as a result, ensures better health for the entire population.

The OuluHealth Ecosystem Day started with a welcome note from Kirsti Ylitalo-Katajisto, Director of Healthcare and Social Welfare in the City of Oulu. Then the first speaker, Cristina Andersson, a specialist in artificial intelligence, robotics and innovations related matters, gave a meaningful presentation on how robots and data can contribute to improving the quality of life. In her opinion today’s social and health care systems face many challenges and many of them can’t be solved without the use of artificial intelligence and robots. Confidence about new innovations comes with experience. The more we know about how technology can improve our lives, the more open towards innovations we become.

‘I believe that we can be healthier thanks to artificial intelligence because it enables us to monitor what is going on in our bodies and predict how it will affect our health. In this way we can prevent many illnesses. What is more, even if we fall ill, with the help from modern technology, we can fight illnesses much better. Elderly patients that become weaker can still live independently at home supported by new health innovations, which will secure more dignified life for them. At present, the idea of having a robot help them, for example, with their every-day routine activities sounds no longer strange,’ explained Andersson.

The program featured also key-notes by Aleksi Kopponen from the Ministry of Finance, who discussed the Aurora project and government services entering the age of artificial intelligence, Kaisa Still, Senior Specialist at the Technical Research Centre of Finland and Harri Puolitaival, expert on the AI technology at Ai-Optio.

The OuluHealth Ecosystem Day then continued with the 6Aika projects presentations that gave the participants an overview of the ongoing HIPPA and the CoCreated Health and Wellbeing (CoHeWe) national projects. After the lunch break, the centre of attention moved to the Oulu WelfareLab and the examples of completed pilot testings.

‘Supporting independent living at home as well as utilizing robotics and technology in social and health care processes are important for the Welfare Services in the city of Oulu. During this Ecosystem Day we wanted to highlight these issues as a part of the OuluHealth ecosystem collaboration,’ commented Jaana Kokko, Technology Specialist at the Oulu WelfareLab.

The lab enables development of new solutions based on real needs of both citizens and care personnel. Once these needs have been collected, the search for the right companies for collaboration begins. In this way, social and health care products and services are developed in an authentic environment and with real end users.

In addition, companies and organisations, such as 9Solutions, Digital Workforce, Evondos, VideoVisit, Rientopyörä, Code-Q, R- Office and OuluHealth were available at the stands to present their ideas and exchange opinions with the event participants.

The day ended with an interesting speech entitled ‘Leap into the future’ by Anna Haverinen, Director of Eldery Care at the city of Oulu. Her presentation perfectly summerised the topics discussed during the event. The participants were left with the feeling that smart technology comes to our aid, for example, bringing savings and adding to safety of elderly patients. That is to say, not only is it beneficial for patient outcomes, but also creates greater efficiencies and makes work of care professionals noticeably easier.

‘Ecosystem days are important events to learn more and meet other people with the same interests. I have received very good feedback today and some ideas that will help us organize even better events in the future,’ concluded Kokko.

Text and image: Joanna Seppänen, Health & Life Science, OuluHealth

Speakers’ presentations

Kirsti Ylitalo-Katajisto: Tervetuloa, katsaus ajankohtaisiin
Cristina Andersson: Roboteilla hyvinvointia – datalla kasvua ja elinvoimaa!
Kaisa Still: Asiakaskeskeisempiä palveluita—esimerkkejä kuinka pankkimaailmaakin haastetaanEila
Harri Puolitaival: Tekoäly muuttaa arvoketjuja
Erkkilä: OuluHealth Labs / Oulu WelfareLab – yhteistyössä yritykset ja loppukäyttäjät
Jarkko Lumio: Kotidigi -säästöjä koti- ja etähoitoteknologiaratkaisujen integraatioalustalla
Anna Haverinen: Hyppy tulevaisuuteen
Aleksi Kopponen: Viranomaispalvelut tekoälyaikaan

Pilot testings – experiences

Marjut Kiviahde: Lea robottirollaattori
Timo Pehkonen: Popo kuntoutuslaite
Ulla-Maija Kipinä: SIMO -sovellus kognition arviointiin
Tarja Käsmä: Kotikuntoutus ja etäohjaus
Sirpa Saarela: Mylab -mobiilinäytteenottopalvelu




Digital Workforce: Jonne Tukia

Onerva: Ville Niemijärvi
9Solutions: Sami Herrala
Evondos: Leena Manner
VideoVisit: Jarkko Kukkonen







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