The Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic introduces the Medanets application

The Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic is utilising the Medanets application for the real-time recording of patient data, but also for automatic data transfers from patient monitors. Parameters recorded with the application can also be viewed right next to the patient.

The implementations carried out at the Lapland Central Hospital Emergency Clinic in early September were welcomed with enthusiasm. The key users quickly began inmplementing the Medanets application and training others in its use.

‘The introduction of the application has started promisingly. Now we get the parameters stored into the Electronic Health Record more reliable and more often,’ said Outi Tikkanen, head nurse at the Lapland Central Hospital.

In the initial phase, a blood pressure saving error was detected, but this was quickly solved by Medanets. Some suggestions for new functionalities have also been received from the ward and these are being addressed by Medanets and the other technical suppliers of the hospital.


Source: Medantes



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