TechEmerge pilot in India brings excellent results for Optomed

Oulu-based medtech company, Optomed, was selected to participate in the TechEmerge India program last year. The pilot has now concluded and the results show that Optomed’s Smartscope FA is a promising low-cost alternative to more conventional stationary desktop fundus cameras.

TechEmerge is a matchmaking program for proven technology companies around the world that are looking to grow their business in emerging markets. Its  objective is to showcase top health technology companies and  to accelerate partnerships within the Indian Health Care Ecosystem. Optomed was selected for the TechEmerge India from the pool of 320 applicants.

The company introduced Smartscope PRO and Smartscope FA fluorescein angiography module to one of the leading quality eye care providers, Eye-Q Super Speciality hospital chain, located in 45 cities across India. The pilot testing was conducted with 440 patients in 6 months.

Key observations in the study were the following: image quality assessment, case scenarios, user experience from a technical level between Optomed Smartscope PRO and FA vs Carl Zeiss FFA camera. An optometrist was hired to submit the collected data to four different retinal specialists who rated the images for different pathologies of the same patient. The images were provided with both cameras.

‘Smartscope PRO based screening allowed us to detect more retinal diseases than conventional examination. The good agreement between Smartscope FA and Carl Zeiss FFA camera on detecting treatable positive findings on FFA makes this device a promising low-cost alternative with excellent portability,’ said dr. Deependra Singh, Head of Retina at Eye-Q hospital.

The pilot outcome was selected for the World Ophthalmology Congress 2018 held in Barcelona and it is going to be published in a peer to peer review.

Source: Optomed


Joanna Seppänen

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