Specim takes home the Entrepreneur Award for best export company 2017

The city of Oulu has rewarded four companies with annual entrepreneur awards. Specim, which has developed the world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera for the fast, high-level analysis of a range of samples, has been recognised as the best exporter of 2017.

A hyperspectral camera, such as Specim IQ, is a high-precision imaging device that is used to collect an image with broad spectral information on each image pixel of the target. This solution provides information in an instant, for critical decision making and response. The users can make measurements that used to be possible in the laboratory only, in the field or virtually at any desired spot. This kind of an imaging camera can be used to provide information, for example, on plant or skin diseases, faults in food and medicines, or identifying traces of blood and other samples at crime scenes.

Last year Specim’s turnover grew by 47%. The company is expected to see fast development also in the future.

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Joanna Seppänen

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