Specim among the Productive Idea competition winners

The Junior Chamber Finland organized the new Productive Idea of the year 2018 competition in order to look for new, innovative and productive business ideas in three categories: enterprise, municipal and start-up. Specim’s hyperspectral camera, Specim IQ, was rewarded as one of the best ides this year.

The aim of the Productive Idea competition was to promote the entrepreneurship, create new business ideas to the society and boost publicity of the new success stories.

The competition is all about founding new productive ideas which have been in use maximum three years. A productive idea could be a product, service, production method, operations model, concept or business idea which improves business environment either in public or private sector. The proposals were evaluated based on their innovative aspect and novelty, productivity and economical importance, sustainable development, possibilities of success and international possibilities. The jury have chosen four regional winners and one national winner in all three categories.

Read more information about the competition here.

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