Smart Finnish care technology is in demand in Sweden

Oulu-based 9Solutions’ internationalisation to Sweden has started briskly. The company established a Swedish subsidiary and opened an office in Helsingborg, Sweden, in September 2018. Sales to Sweden have started well and the company has already received orders for more than 1.5 million euros.

9Solutions is Finland’s leading provider of locating safety and communication systems and smart care solutions. The company offers personal safety, nurse call, access control and locating solutions enabling a continuous operative picture, as well as smart care solutions to hospitals, care homes and home care. 9Solutions products have been sold to approximately 60 care homes in Sweden by now. The company also has sales to eight countries in Europe through retail partners.

‘Our goal in the future is to be market leader and pioneer in care home and hospital safety and productivity solutions in the Nordic countries. Sweden struggles with much the same challenges as Finland; the population is aging and demand for labour in the care sector is increasing, but there is labour shortage at the same time. In the future, care is a data-intensive sector which seeks technological solutions for service quality and resource utilisation. Sweden has set a national goal to be world leader in digital health solutions by 2025, so there is great demand for smart care technology. For example, there is currently greater demand for nurse presence detection and locating solutions in Sweden than in Finland. Our solution matches this need excellently. Furthermore, modern wireless and cloud-based operation brings additional competitive edge,’ says Sami Herrala, CEO of 9Solutions Ltd.

9Solutions has been among the fastest growing companies in Finland already for four years in a row with ca. 50 percent annual growth. The company employs over 50 people in Finland and Sweden. Growth means great pressure to recruit new local staff. The company is currently looking for several people to sales and deployment tasks in Sweden to support the local organisation.

9Solutions has a specific goal to keep growing internationally, and recently the company raised 1.7 million euros funding for speeding up exports. Need for new care homes is increasing in Sweden as well as in other Nordic countries. A study commissioned in 2018 by care company Attendo indicates that 40% of Swedish municipalities have a shortage of care home beds. In Sweden, ca. 70% of care homes are public and only about 30 % are privately owned, while the situation in Finland is reversed. The proportion of private care homes is increasing, however.

‘Our locating nurse call system and smart care solutions for care homes have been very well perceived in the Swedish market. Customers are very impressed with the flexibility and increased efficiency that our system brings to their work. Sweden also has local needs that we strive to meet. Our goal is to grow our customer base and strengthen our local organization in order to serve them in the best possible way,’ says Annette Rietz, Sales and Marketing Director of 9Solutions AB.

Source: 9Solutions

Contact persons:

Sami Herrala
CEO, 9Solutions Ltd
+358 50 386 9132

Annette Rietz
Director Sales & Marketing Director, 9Solutions AB
+46 709 240 206

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