SEP Solutions gets a first-on-the-list mention in a baby monitor market study

Oulu-based SEP Solutions Onni Care has reached a new milestone. It has been included in a baby monitor market study as a number one on the list of emerging brands. The study has been carried out by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, which is a quality driven consulting and market research organization.

‘’Although a small step that’s not valuable in terms of money, at least directly, getting a mention in the same context as established industry giants is a super-important one on our journey to be recognised as a player in this soon-to-be $2bil market,’’ said Satu Niemelä, COO and Co-founder in SEP Solutions.

The market study provides information on some of the latest trends and driving forces on the constantly growing global baby monitors market. It highlights a rise in the number of newborns and growing awareness about SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death) as the most important reasons for the increase in the sale of monitoring devices. While creating a list of emerging brands, the study took into consideration features such as quality, quantity, technology, services, and price.

SEP Solutions bundles video baby monitors with services to help parents not just see and hear the baby – anytime, anywhere, with any connected device, but also keep track of the child’s day-to-day activities, growth and development. The company is also planning to further develop their service by implementing machine learning to provide users with development-specific tailor-made information and purchasing opportunities for products/toys that may help support the process.

SEP Solutions is currently looking for further funding to accelerate their b2c market entry and to pilot new b2b opportunities.

Read more about the baby monitor market study here.



Joanna Seppänen

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