Researchers from Oulu in the winning trio in the Oriontation – 100 Ideas Competition

The finalists of the Oriontation – 100 Ideas competition come from various fields of research in Finland. The winning trio included a professor of medical biochemistry, Taina Pihlajaniemi, from the University of Oulu. Two other teams from the University of Oulu were also among the  20 finalists. The first of them was Team Seppo Vainio from the University of Oulu, who represented a number of ideas about using various instruments and artificial intelligence in diagnosing and monitoring diseases and ensuring drug quality. The second one was Team Lloyd Ruddock, who presented a method for more efficient production of therapeutic proteins.

The ideas that received awards were the result of years of research and they relate to cancer research, monitoring Parkinson’s disease symptoms and modelling the effects of treatment for inherited muscle disorders.

This competition was organized by Orion Corporation to honour the centenary year 2017 of Orion and Finland.  University students and researchers were invited to look for new ideas in three categories for the development of human and animal treatments:

  • towards safer medicines
  • making more effective medicines
  • advanced technologies for drug development and patient care

Source: Orion
Photo: Hanna Linnakko

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