Quicker and more advantageous health innovation in Nordic network

The Nordic Test Beds project creates a collaboration network and enables solution testing in university hospital test beds in the Nordic countries. Healthcare product testing, which is implemented in collaboration with companies, hospital test beds´ personnel and clinicians, aims to provide fast feedback of the usability of new healthcare ideas and products.

Test beds where hospital premises are replicated for health care device testing purposes, have become common facilities in the Nordic University Hospitals. These test environments serve both companies and health care professionals that want to test the suitability of their innovative health care ideas or devices. This opportunity provides health technology companies with means of faster product development, access to wider markets and improved implementation of the solutions, which truly are needed in these hospitals. The Nordic Test Beds project has joined experiences and know-how of Nordic university hospitals and innovation centers in order to create efficient Nordic test bed cooperation ecosystem and common best practices.

One of the solutions tested in collaborative network of Nordic University hospital test beds was Monidor´s novel intravenous therapy solution.

‘The size of market for a specific health care product is limited. The Nordic cooperation has helped us to widen our contacts to other Nordic countries, and to find potential new customers,’ said Mikko Savola, CEO at Monidor.

In the Nordic Test Beds project, altogether 15 healthcare solutions were selected for further evaluation and testing in suitable test beds in University hospitals of Aalborg (Denmark), Lund (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Oulu (Finland) and Uppsala (Sweden).

‘The solutions tested range from a simple hang – on box for patient´s personal belongings to complex diagnostic systems,’ explained Kalevi Virta, Project Coordinator.

The project partners invite other Nordic actors working on Nordic health care test beds to join collaboration around Nordic health care test beds.

‘The report on the evaluated benefits of health care test bed collaboration, Health Innovation Assessment Tool and guidelines for testing created in the project are freely available. I think these are useful tools for both health professionals and companies in the field,’ added Virta.

The project participants include Innovation Skåne, Innovation Akademiska at Uppsala University Hospital, Aalborg University Hospital at North Denmark Region, Oslo University Hospital, OYS TestLab at Oulu University Hospital, BusinessOulu and Centre for Health and Technology at University of Oulu.

Read more information on the project website.


Contact person:

Kalevi Virta
Centre for Health and Technology, University of Oulu
+358 44 5515602


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