Case TIPLA Infusion therapy monitoring device: usability and user interface testing

Client: Monidor Oy

Monidor ( is a company that focuses on monitoring and wireless eHealth devices. Goal is to offer safe and secure solutions with the best quality and reliability.


TIPLA. Monidor has designed medical device to enable accurate infusion therapy, simply and cost-effectively.

Brief: specialist feedback of usability and UX

Great user experience and reliable design are the most important design goals in Monidor products. Monidor needed feedback for the product development from Oulu university hospital’s (OYS) professionals. In the case OYS provided an expert jury of health care professionals to answer the following questions of the TIPLA:

  • Do you think the product is useful?
  • In what kind of situations the product would be at its best?
  • What are the most urgent development needs of the product?
  • Would the product facilitate your work?
  • Would you use the product?

The jury members consist of OYS TestLab project manager and seven nurses from different OYS departments. Video camera and printed forms were used to collection of feedback and remarks.


Monidor succeeded to collect a lot of useful information. Group of professionals in hospital care could give essential information about

  • End-user opinion about benefits of the product
  • In which department product is suitable and which not
  • How eager end-users are using product in their daily work


The nurses gave highly positive feedback concerning the user-friendly user unterface (UI) and small-sized product. Monidor was confident that product UI design was in the right track. Additionally some practical things that need to be taken into account in R&D raised during group interview. The product development and the company management received valuable information for developing the product’s next phase and its readiness for the market.


Monidor Oy
Mikko Savola, CEO
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Monidor Oy
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OYS TestLab
Timo Alalääkkölä, Project Manager
Oulu University Hospital

Tel.; +358 40 561 4390

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