Product testing of SmartScope retinal/fundus camera

Client: Optomed Oy

Business sector/products: Imaging devices for health technology
Turnover: € 4 million 2014
Number of staff: 27 employees in Finland, 24 in China


Optomed needed documented information for the funders/investors and the authorities of the suitability of the SmartScope retinal camera for its intended use in the health care. The company also needed expert user feedback for the launching and marketing of the product in order to plan efficient ways of communication.


The SmartScope camera was tested in Oulu Welfare Lab, at the health care centre of Kaakkuri, during patient work on two different occasions. The first functioning prototype of the retinal/fundus camera was used in the first product testing and the skin module of the product was used in the second testing.

  • The product was used by the health care personnel for testing and evaluation
  • Other members of the staff had the possibility to test the device
  • Doctor-nurse work pairs used the product in their patient work
  • A test report with the findings has been conducted concerning the use of the device and suggestions for improvements have been communicated to the company

Results and concrete conclusions

The feedback was highly useful in regards with the future development of the device. On the basis of the feedback Optomed was able to make significant software changes in the interface of the product.

In the field of medical devices the testimonials of the users and all clinical evaluation is of primary importance not only because of the demands of the authorities but also in regards with the marketing. It takes a long time for a new company and a new product to gather enough evidence of the product’s compatibility and usefulness for its potential users. Thus, all the contacts and parties able to produce clinical data for the requirements of the company are of utmost importance.


Optomed Oy (Ltd)
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90100 Oulu

Tel: +358 20 741 3380

Oulu Welfare Lab
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