Developing a new kind of periodontal probe

Client: OUAS – Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Oral SimLab was crucial in the development of a new kind of periodontal probe. The Oral SimLab environment provides modern dental units, facilities and devices. In addition, students of OUAS can provide testing where feedback can be gathered. Early feedback is invaluable for saving the development costs, improving the iteration speed and it allows us to get a viable product to the market faster.

The periodontal probe was tested on mannequins and in real clinical setting on patients. The testing was conducted by dental healthcare students and with the targeted future end-users, oral hygienist and dentists.

Results and summary

When using Oral SimLab we found the prototype was able to improve the measurement of the periodontal pockets. The device was found to achieve (tai: fulfil) its expectations and the tests proved that there is demand for this type of probe. Feedback from the Oral SimLab proved priceless in different stages of the development process. We were able to go from an idea to a fully realized prototype by using the OUAS students’ knowledge and SimLab’s facilities. Thus, SimLab will also be used in the future for the testing of new kind of prototypes.


Helena Heikka
Principal Lecturer
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Tel: +358 50 3670 341

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