Peili Vision to take part in Accelerace – Danish accelerator program for startups

Accelerace, a Danish-based startup accelerator, has kicked-off a new program. Twenty-six startups were invited to join and Peili Vision is one of the participants.

Accelerace looks for companies with high potential to improve the quality of life with their promising innovations and disruptive technologies. The next step is to help them grow. It can be done by attracting new investments and providing new business and networking opportunities, especially in Denmark.

Each of the startups will follow a unique and tailored program. It is expected that about 60% of them will raise capital during or immediately after graduating from Accelerace.

Peili Vision is an Oulu-based company that has created a virtual reality solution for neurological rehabilitation. The application allows the therapist to create unique and motivational exercises for the patient as well as enables remote therapy. In addition, the rehabilitation process can be measured.

’’We already have a few regular customers in Finland. They include both private companies that offer rehabilitation services as well as leading national hospitals. Their feedback helps us develop our service further. Participation in Accelerace will bring us a scalable business model that will work not only in Finland but also abroad,’’ says Jussi Auvinen, CEO of Peili Vision.

“Our target is to continue growing in Finland and in other Nordic countries,” Auvinen adds.

Before the accelerator even began, Peili Vision had already started a pilot in Denmark and established business contacts in other Nordic countries.


Contact person

Jussi Auvinen
+358 50 376 7150



Joanna Seppänen

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