OYS TestLab and InterSystems cooperate on data systems integration testing

By being able to perform tests under authentic conditions, health companies can receive valuable feedback from both end-users and healthcare professionals. OYS TestLab provides a unique hospital environment that drives product and service effective development.

A patient measures their blood pressure at home and the results are available in real time for healthcare professionals. Then the patient gets in touch with a doctor by means of remote services, such as a video connection and receives advice immediately. This and much more will become common with the development of the 5G technologies.

OYS TestLab, which is one of the three OuluHealth Labs, is situated in the premises of the Oulu University Hospital. It’s the place where health devices, services and systems are tested in an authentic hospital environment. To improve testing on system integration, which will enable seamless flow of data, OYS TestLab has signed a partnership agreement with InterSystems. This secures the use of InterSystems’ HealthShare interoperability platform for testing purposes. The main idea is to take full advantage of digitization to test how healthcare professionals can support patient self-care at home better.

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Contact persons

Miila Päivärinne
Senior Sales Executive at InterSystems
046 6000 898


Mari Koskinen
050 379 1868



Joanna Seppänen



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