Ōura’s updated smart ring helps you get more restorative sleep

Health technology company from Oulu, Ōura, has released their updated second generation ring that measures the physiological signals of the body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. There are three parts in the Ōura solution: the ring, the app and the Cloud online dashboard for data analysis.

Ōura- more than just a ring

Ōura is the creator of the world’s first wellness ring and an app that are used by consumers, doctors, coaches, personal trainers, top universities, research organisations, and sleep clinics in over 50 countries.

The new ring comes with an updated app (iOS and Android) that helps to track and analyse sleep and recovery levels as well as the physiological responses from the body, such as such as resting heart rate, nocturnal heart rate variability and body temperature deviation. You’ll also get insights into your restful periods, for example, naps and meditation. In order to feel well-rested and energetic, it’s important to know what the optimal time is to sleep, eat, and be active. This wearable is a perfect solution to help you to improve your everyday well-being.

The new product features more elegant design. It’s made out of titanium with scratch-resistant DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating and it’s water resistant to 100 m. The ring is also much smaller now. Its battery lasts up to seven days. It’s possible to choose between three models that are available in four colours.

The Ōura ring is now ready for pre-order exclusively on ouraring.com. Shipping will start in April 2018.


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Source: Ōura 

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