OuluHealth Labs Test Environments and Simulations as an Aid to Companies

OuluHealth Labs test environments were launched for healthcare companies’ use in 2016. These testing facilities serve the whole chain of care, from home to hospital. By being able to perform tests in authentic user and simulation environments, companies can receive valuable feedback from healthcare professionals. So far, over 100 companies from Finland and beyond have utilized OuluHealth Labs for testing.

Health technology is the fastest- growing export segment from Finland, so it’s important that its companies continue to develop services and products that end-users are ready to purchase. In the city of Oulu, you can find a functioning service chain for cooperative product development and testing by companies and professionals, as well as by social- and healthcare trainers and students. Our purpose is to speed up the implementation of new products and services, further their commercialisation, and accelerate the exports from companies in the welfare industry.

OuluHealth Labs consists of three test environments that are unique on a global scale, because they serve the entire chain of care.

OYS TestLab is an authentic hospital testing facility at Oulu University Hospital. See the brand new service offering here.

Oamk SimLab is a versatile simulation and studio environment for companies to use for testing and development. The detailed service offering is coming soon. See the brand new service offering here.

Oulu WelfareLab allows testing to be carried out throughout the city of Oulu’s social and health service network, including in citizens’ homes. See the brand new service offering here.

OYS TestLab features a 5G test network and a digital testing environment, which is connected to wireless devices and cloud service systems in addition to patient records systems. This enables software testing and integration for companies already in the early stages of product development.

‘Patient care is moving more and more from hospitals into patients’ homes. So it’s important that products and services are tested in the environments where they’re meant to be utilized. We want to enable this here in Oulu,’ says the City of Oulu’s Welfare Services Technology Specialist, Jaana Kokko.

Versatile Test Environments and Simulations as an Aid to Companies

‘The Monidrop infusion monitor is an example of a device that has been developed and tested in collaboration with OuluHealth Labs,’ says OYS TestLab’s manager, Timo Alalääkkölä.

Monidor OY’s CEO, Mikko Savola, says, ‘The idea for Monidrop came from the practical experience of Doctor Antti Puolitapale. Before now, nurses usually applied infusions using their own visual approximations. Monidrop is a small device that allows nurses to measure the infusion rate more precisely, increasing patient security and making the nurses’ jobs easier.”

Oamk SimLab was also used frequently during the different stages of Monidrop’s development. The device has been tested under diverse conditions and has also taken part in a simulation exercise.

‘I think the OuluHealth Labs concept is highly useful for companies. It is important to have actual end-users to test your product, which would be challenging for most companies to arrange independently. OuluHealth is part of the Nordic Test Beds project, through which we’ve gotten to test our product already in Lund and Uppsala. We will definitely be cooperating with OuluHealth Labs in the future, too,’says Savola.

Future Health is Born from Cooperation

OuluHealth’s Network Director, Noora Jansson, says that for the city of Oulu, co-heading Tekes’ Innovative Cities (INKA) program helped them find new partners and aided the development of the OuluHealth ecosystem’s brand.

“During the INKA program, interaction between Finland’s health ecosystems increased, as we turned to each other for guidance and planned joint projects together. OuluHealth Labs, with its 4G test network, is one concrete result of that cooperation, which serves companies both in Finland and abroad. Executed pilots benefit companies, patients, and healthcare professionals. This is exactly what INKA was for – cooperation between public and private sectors that supports exports and internationalization,’ says Jansson.

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