OuluHealth Labs-the test environment for mobile sampling

The City of Oulu’s home care and Tampere-based Mylab successfully tested mobile sampling in the Oulu CityLab test environment. The City of Oulu’s home care was interested in the suitability of mobile sampling in their services.

The purpose of the mobile sampling pilot was to test the utilization of mobile devices in sampling guidance, control and homecare guidance. Mobile devices enable continuous connection to the laboratory’s data system from where users receive real-time information of e.g. the samples to be taken. Mobile sampling equipment includes a small, portable label printer and a mobile application for the printer.

“We found the test pilot to be interesting. This type of procedure could be implemented, but the challenge is the current phone operating systems. Our current phones use Windows Phone operating systems, whereas the application requires an Android operating system. The testing does not necessarily lead to acquisition, but acts as a service for the company to support product development,” Welfare services’ development coordinator Sirpa Saarela says.

The Oulu CityLab test environment is the welfare services’ procedure, where cooperating with companies and citizens helps to produce new innovations in social and healthcare.

The feedback received from home care personnel was mostly positive and the reliability of mobile sampling was praised. Mylab intends to utilize the feedback received to further develop their service. Ouluhealth Labs test environments are meant specifically for the testing and development of services and products.


Contact person

Sirpa Saarela
Welfare services’ development coordinator



Jaakko Ahlstén

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