OuluHealth and IBM open a demo point in Helsinki

One of the most important goals of the OuluHealth ecosystem is to build strategical partnerships with companies, such as IBM that contribute to the development of the health and life science sector.

OuluHealth belongs to the Cognitive Healthcare Innovation Cluster, which is coordinated by IBM Finland. This cluster is an innovation ecosystem with participants from different sectors related to health and wellbeing, including startups, IT and health tech companies, healthcare providers, insurance, pharma, food industry companies, public sector, academia and research.

A concrete result of the cooperation between OuluHealth and IBM is the opening of the demo point in the IBM premises in Helsinki. The demo point was officially taken into use on 29 November.

This is a new model of a remote point, in which OuluHealth stakeholders can hold, for example, meetings either in Helsinki or via a video connection. In addition, IBM and one of the OuluHealth Labs, OYS TestLab, have developed the first demo in which ‘a virtual nurse’ can measure patient’s weight and blood pressure in Helsinki and send real-time data to a patient record system in Oulu.

 ‘We cooperate closely with many innovative ecosystems in the health care and well-being sector. OuluHealth has been a good example of an active and effective partner. The idea behind this initiative is to establish in Helsinki a meeting point for the use of customers and ecosystem stakeholders but we are also thinking of introducing together more demos that will bring advancements in telemedicine,‘ said Miikka Kiiski, Business Development Executive at IBM Finland.

This concept is beneficial also for health & life science companies as well as research and educational institutions.

‘This could be a good opportunity to use the demo point to work on Esko- patient record system integration together with OYS TestLab. Moreover, this is a perfect place to arrange business meetings,’ commented Tomi Nurmi, Project Manager at Delfoi.

‘During the product development process, it’s important to communicate regularly with different teams. It would be convenient to use the video connection to talk and receive feedback, for example, from doctors from the OYS TestLab,’ added Peter Hänninen, COO at Buddy Healthcare.

‘It’s no longer necessary for our partners from abroad to go all the way to Oulu for a visit. We can now use the IBM facilities. It does bring savings. It would be also interesting to see if we can have a video connection to places other than OYS TestLab,’ added Matti Hämäläinen, Adjunct Professor at the University of Oulu.

The demo point will be available for the use of OuluHealth until summer 2019.


Joanna Seppänen, Health & Life Science, OuluHealth



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