Oulu in the centre of boosting printed intelligence business at InnoFest 2018

How can printed intelligence be utilized to make the world a better place to live? Which sectors can make the best use of it? In order to answers these questions, PrintoCent organized the InnoFest 2018 innovation competition.

On 7th and 8th June,  developers, designers, multidisciplinary innovators, startups, industry partners, students and investors gathered at the Nallikari Restaurant in Oulu, Finland to learn more about the activities of PrintoCent and to bring to the world innovative solutions that will boost the printed intelligence business.

The main idea of InnoFest was to enable transforming new printed intelligence ideas into more mature commercial solutions. PrintoCent was looking for innovations in the following fields:

  • wellness & health
  • IOT – smart autonomous systems
  • construction and interior design
  • commercials gadgets, packaging and point of sales
  • automotive and vehicles
  • PLUS the “truly far from the conventional box” open idea stream

‘What’s remarkable this year that over half of the InnoFest participants came from companies. Besides, all the keynote speakers came from companies already selling and manufacturing their printed intelligence- based products, showing that Printed Intelligence is moving from research laboratories to manufacturing scale up and step by step to mainstream business,’ said Ilkka Kaisto, Director at PrintoCent in Oulu.

For two days, the place was buzzing with marvelous ideas and incredible atmosphere. Experts from the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), universities and research institutions from Oulu as well as company representatives guided the twenty-three selected teams from eleven countries. After the team presentations, the jury selected the winner that will receive technical, business development and marketing support for developing the solution.

This year, the team from Portugal, Droplet Runners, took the first prize home. Their idea is a digital microfluidics platform that allows any customer to analyse and control their nutritional values at any time and place.

‘Our aim is to empower people to control their health by being more conscious of their food choices. We want to provide an easy-to-use solution available for everyone at low cost. To do that, we need to print our digital microfluidics platform in paper. InnoFest has brought us the right contacts and possibilities to achieve our goals,’ said Beatriz Coelho from the Droplet Runners team.

Droplet Runners are a group of Portuguese PhD students, coming from Cenimat i3n. Their participation was sponsored by the project “Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe” – BET-EU, coordenated by Uninova, under the responsability of R. Martins.

The Industry favourite award was given to the Clean & Safe Water team led by Ville Rautiainen and the Wildest Idea award went to the OptoKrypto led by Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen.

It was the 5th edition of the InnoFest competition and another one is sure to arrive in Oulu next year.

Contact person,

 Mr. Ilkka Kaisto
Director, PrintoCent

+358 401 494 006


Images and text: Joanna Seppänen, OuluHealth
The winning team Droplet Runners: Beatriz Coelho, Joana Figueira, Christina Gaspar, Emma Hedges and Leena Hakalahti.


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