Oulu-based high technology for cross-country skiing

Oulu-based technology companies, Exiops and Tecinspire, have signed a major co-operation agreement. Current agreement is continuum of their previous cooperation. This time, the SKIIOT product family will grow by a monitoring system for skiing facilities. SKIIOT monitoring system is designed to be used in ski tunnels, skiing competitions and to support coaching. The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center Olympiatoppen has been closely involved in the development of the SKIIOT device.

It all started with a patented IoT device

Exiops has developed a SKIIOT device for cross-country skiing. SKIIOT utilizes patented IoT technology and is worn on skier’s ankle. The device is used for precise measurements of skiing technique, split times on the ski track and changes in skiing conditions.

The device is designed in cooperation with cross-country skiing professionals. For example, it is used by service team of The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center Olympiatoppen and by Norwegian marathon skiing teams.

SKIIOT was selected to TOP 26 IOT INNOVATORS OF THE YEAR in the Innovation World Cup® Series competition. Public vote is open until February 5th 2019. The winner will be announced at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Münich.

Oulu-based knowledge and cooperation

Current collaboration between Exiops and Tecinspire is a continuum of their previous cooperation in developing the SKIIOT product family. The striking mobile application (SKIIOT XC300) implemented by Tecinspire enables individual professional or hobby skiers to track the measurements collected by SKIIOT. Previously successful cooperation has created a good framework for another joint development project. This also creates the opportunity for business growth for both Oulu-based companies.

Ongoing development of the monitoring system for ski events

The new monitoring system (SKIIOT XC700) enables real-time monitoring of ski performances and skiing competitions. SKIIOT measurements are transferred wirelessly to the monitoring system via Wi-Fi network. Monitoring can be done on the screens installed on ski tubes or ski events. In the future, it can even be done on a mobile application.

The system raises interest in monitoring ski performance. It will be a motivating factor for the competitors, coaching teams and viewers. Continuous and precise SKIIOT measurements along the entire ski track will also help service teams in ski preparation.


Contact persons

Marko Höynälä
+358 (0) 504 802 414

Teemu Kivioja
CEO, Tecinspire
+358 (0) 505 479 571



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