Optomed Screen – New Screening Solution for Diabetic Retinopathy

Optomed is soon launching Optomed Screen, the first product  that utilizes the core competencies of both Optomed and Commit.

Optomed Screen is a mobile and digitalized screening solution for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), which sets the safety and efficiency of DR screening on a completely new standard. Optomed Screen is an entity consisting of screening management system, hand-held fundus camera and image viewing tools. The screening management system coordinates the digitalized data and information flow of the whole screening process starting with invitation, followed by image capturing, reading, and reporting. It ensures that there is not any piece of data or information missed during any part of the process, simultaneously minimizing the risk of man-made errors. Image capturing is performed by using Optomed’s high-end, market leading fundus cameras, which guarantee the best possible user experience and optimized image quality. Image analysis can be done by taking advantage of viewer software’s versatile tool box that adds value in the reading process as well as in the reporting.

 The solution is mobile and digital, meaning that infrastructure requirements of the DR screening program are minimal. Thus, the accessibility for the diabetic population is exceptional, and the reach of the screening program is taken to a completely new level. This combined with reasonably priced hardware enables highly cost-efficient screening programs. More importantly, with enhanced accessibility greater share of the diabetic population can be screened and the preventive impact of screening can be expected to improve. Hence, Optomed Screen permits safer and more efficient screening for DR.

We are excited about the solution and how we have been able to benefit from the synergies generated through acquisition in a couple of months’ time only. We are anxiously looking forward to introducing Optomed Screen to our collaborators and setting-up pilot programs. We trust that our solution will bring value to the DR screening and in wider scope to the diabetic population in general. So, we are excited to take the solution from our home-ground Finland, where it has been market-leader for 15 years, to other countries as well,’ commented Laura Piila, Optomed’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

 Optomed Screen will be piloted during the second half of the year, and first results and customer feedback are expected to be published late in 2018.


Contact person

Petri Huhtinen
Business Manager, Solution Sales
+358 40 526 5789

Source: Optomed

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