Olfactomics selects Innokas Medical to co-create its medical product

Olfactomics and Innokas Medical have agreed on co-creation of the solution that will improve the quality of breast cancer patients’ lives and allow hospitals to save costs.

A Finnish start-up company, Olfactomics, has worked on an innovation that helps to improve the accuracy of cancer surgeries by allowing rapid, real-time analysis of biological gas mixtures during the surgery. This surgical solution consists of a very sensitive electronic gas analyzer (a.k.a. eNose), a sampling system and an advanced cloud service that analyzes and stores biological gas mixture data during the surgery.

Olfactomics has made a breakthrough with its innovation thanks to the close collaboration between surgeons, engineers and software developers. The company then chose Innokas Medical to co-create their innovation into a final medical product.

‘We started the process with all major Finnish suppliers involved in the quotation process. Innokas ended up being the most competitive co-creation partner for us because of the company’s modern and agile design and development process, wide competence pool and the references to produce medical devices to the global markets,’ said Niku Oksala, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Olfactomics.

Tommi Kaasalainen, Executive Vice President at Innokas Medical, believes in the expected global potential of the innovation. He is not, however, the only one, as Olfactomics has convinced the stakeholders as well. The company has received both private and public funding to develop their innovation further.

Source: Innokas Medical


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Elina Rautiola
Marketing & Communications Manager at Innokas Medical


Joanna Seppänen

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