Nukute’s new device helps to diagnose and monitor sleep apnea better and at lower cost

Nukute, a company from Oulu, has been working on a novel solution for diagnosis and monitoring sleep apnea. A light and easy to use collar will replace uncomfortable wires and masks that have been so far used during patient screening and diagnosis of sleep disorders. According to Nukute’s CEO, Tuukka Visuri, the product will be market-ready next year.

Sleep apnea occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted. A person stops breathing repeatedly while asleep. As a result, the brain may not get enough oxygen. Only in Finland, there are about 100 000 people who suffer from sleep apnea and over 700 million in the world. However, the number is said to be much higher as many patients have not been yet clearly diagnosed. This untreated sleep disorder causes tiredness and stress, but first of all it can be seriously harmful to health.

Nukute has been developing the 50-gram collar that monitors the breathing quality, the respiratory rate and profile for screening and diagnosing purposes. Detection and analysis of sleep apnea will be integrated with a cloud service and application running on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The devices that have been so far used in hospitals cost up to 10 000 euro. Nukute is going to provide a solution at a much lower price.

‘At the moment, we have the seventh prototype ready. Our product has already been tested at the Oulu University Hospital (OYS) and it will undergo testing at the Kuopio University Hospital soon,’ said Tuukka Visuri, Nukute’s CEO.

Also clinical tests in hospitals in Germany, Austria, Iceland, Israel and Australia are scheduled for early next year.

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Tuukka Visuri
CEO at Nukute


Joanna Seppänen

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