A new treatment tool for health care from MoveSole

MoveSole, an Oulu-based health technology company, has introduced a Smart Insole solution that is based on a unique sensor technology. The product is especially designed and tested for patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers or recovering from lower limb injuries, such as ankle and knee fractures.

There are close to 500 000 amputations caused by diabetes in Europe alone. However, this number can be lowered by introducing proper treatment models, which can be supported by MoveSole’s solution for gait measuring, monitoring and stimulating patient recovery.

MoveSole Smart Insole is a versatile healthcare monitoring device. It consists of a smart insole that collects data and a StepLab application for the Android device that analyses and stores the measured gait data. The product is a combination of unique sensor technology and printed intelligence production methods. The seven embedded sensors collect laboratory level gait data when a person walks with the MoveSole insoles in their shoes. The data is then automatically sent to a mobile application in real-time. The solution is durable, cost efficient and very easy to use. It has been designed in close co-operation with orthopedist and foot therapists to facilitate analyzing patients gait both during appointments and at patient’s home.

In search for investments for financing the go-to market phase, MoveSole has just started a crowdfunding campaign on the Invesdor platform.The company is also going to apply for medical device approval during Q2/2018, after which the sales in the EU countries will start.

Source: MoveSole


Contact person

 Eero Kaikkonen
MoveSole Oy
+358 400 688 263


Joanna Seppänen

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