Neurosonic’s new technological approach brings advancements to health and wellbeing

Neurosonic, an Oulu-based company, has been now active in the health and well-being sector for a few years. As its sales numbers are constantly growing, Neurosonic has just opened a new office at the Saaristonkatu 1 street, right in the very heart of the city and taken on four additional employees to answer the increasing demand for its services. The company is now planning to conquer international markets.

Release stress, recover better and jump back into life

 Are you continuously stressed and tired? Do you feel you lack energy and wish to recover more effectively? Neurosonic comes to your aid. The company offers a unique solution, the relaxation and recovery technology, which will help you to improve the quality of your sleep, relax and speed up muscular recovery. Neurosonic has developed the technology that produces relaxing vibrations through the body in order to reduce stress faster than psychological treatments. The so called whole body vibration (WBV) technology is utilized in furniture, such as mattresses, divans and special chairs. According to studies and customer feedback, WBV helps with different pain symptoms, ADHD, sleep disorders, stress, migraine and Parkinson’s disease.

‘Neurosonic has developed a muscle and tissue stimulation form of therapy that has already helped thousands of our customers. This relaxation chair uses low-frequency vibration that affects health in a holistic way. It increases the metabolism, blood circulation, fluid circulation and slows down the nervous system activity. If you add to these relaxing effects, stress-related symptoms, exhaustion and lack of recovery are relieved quickly. Therefore, the device is completely different from the traditional massage chairs’ explained Marco Kärkkäinen, psychotherapist responsible for Neurosonic’s product development.

Tested and appreciated by the best

The WBV technology has proved effective in accelerating recovery from both sports and work-related strain. The Neurosonic solution has been used with spectacular effects by healthcare specialists, companies as well as private users. It has worked perfectly for example, for Kerttu Niskanen, a great Finnish cross-country skier in the process of increasing her daily performance.

The innovation developed by Neurosonic has also been implemented by Ahrend to deliver a one-of-a-kind product for the office use, the Loungescape Powernap. Ahrend is an international leader in furniture for office, education, healthcare and retail environments. The solution that was born from the cooperation with Neurosonic is an outstanding combination of a modern furniture design and new technology. The Loungescape Powernap is a cosy lounger equipped with a matrass powered by Neurosonic. Relaxing vibrations it produces combined with soothing music are all employees need to fully recharge and stay focused at work again.

The Loungescape Powernap has just been recognised by the iF Design Award, which is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. For companies, it is a seal of quality for exceptional design and outstanding services, for consumers, a symbol they can trust. Ahrend and Neurosonic collected the award during the glamourous awards ceremony in Munich on 15 March 2019.

Time to go global

While the world is getting ready for a regeneration nap, Neurosonic is not slowing down. Having opened an office in the UK, the company is now preparing to enter other European markets, such as German, French, Spanish and Scandinavian. According to Simo Pahkamaa, CEO at Neurosonic, there are a few promising business partnerships on the horizon and the international expansion strategy is now more than ready. Then the sky is the limit.  Neurosonic  is definitely spreading its wings now and the well-being sector will surely hear more about this company in the near future.


Contact person:
Simo Pahkamaa
CEO, Neurosonic


Text: Joanna Seppänen, Health & Life Science, BusinessOulu
Image: Neurosonic

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