National eHealth award for OuluHealth Labs

OuluHealth Labs, test and development environment, has received a national reward for the significant achievements in eHealth and telemedicine. This year the award was given out already for the 15th time by the Finnish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth, which promotes health through telecommunication and disperses the expert knowledge within health care.

OuluHealth Labs were launched in 2016 as part of the OuluHealth innovative ecosystem. These testing facilities serve the whole chain of care, from home to hospital. By being able to perform tests in authentic user and simulation environments, companies can receive valuable feedback from healthcare professionals, students and patients. So far, about 121 companies from Finland and beyond have contacted OuluHealth Labs for testing, which resulted in 56 pilot cases.

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Contact person

Timo Alalääkkölä
Oulu University Hospital


Joanna Seppänen

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