Monidor raises standards for infusion therapy with a new device tested in OYS TestLab

Monidor, an Oulu based start-up company that specializes in solutions for wireless monitoring and eHealth, develops a new type of medical device for infusion therapy in cooperation with OYS TestLab.
Antti Puolitaival, a rheumatologist and co-founder of Monidor, noticed several years ago that manually conducted infusion (IV) therapy is prone to errors. It is inaccurate, thus causes problems and longer hospital stay. Today, IV therapy is conducted mostly manually. However, traditional infusion monitoring devices are expensive, relatively big and too complex for wider use in hospitals. To ensure patient safety and shorten hospital stay, Monidor introduces its IV therapy monitor – Monidrop. This small and cost-efficient solution is developed to assist clinicians in delivering proper intravenous therapy for every patient.

Monidrop has been developed in collaboration with OYS TestLab since its early stages. The collaboration included Monidrop testing by the professionals from Oulu University Hospital and nursing students. The test was carried out in both OYS TestLab and OAMK SimLab. “We have had a great opportunity to collaborate with medical experts and students. Every test round gave us a lot of useful information on what is good and what still needs to be improved,” says Mikko Savola, CEO and Co-founder of Monidor.

Over 90% of hospitalized patients receive intravenous (IV) therapy, which makes it one of the most common methods of treatment and a critical component of modern medicine. Monidrop can improve it significantly and first of all increase patient safety and wellbeing.

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